Friday, July 20, 2012


No man can think clearly when his fists are clenched. ~George Jean Nathan

As I have slightly ranted about mentioned here,  I feel like I have been wrestiling  some pretty hard issues lately.

Maybe it is  because we are out of school for the summer,  or maybe they are just bored….but it seems to me that all the issues that get pushed past during school seem to COME TO THE SURFACE  during the summer.

Our days seem to be filled with long, soul searching talks.


This summer has been all about training….

or Re-training.

Malachi has always been “high-strung”…to say the least.

He has a problem with anger and handleing his emotions.

Lets just say that up until a couple of years ago I was afraid he would have to live with me forever because there was no way I was sending him out into the world throwing himself on the ground EVERY TIME he had an emotion.

But…In the last couple of years he has gotten better… we have come up with a couple of ways to

I thought I would share 1 we have been using lately.

The calm jar.



It has been an amazing tool for us.

Basically it is an old peanut butter jar filled with water, glitter glue, and glitter.

When he gets upset he has to shake the jar and SIT.

It takes about 5 minutes.

Just enough time for him to THINK.

And just enough time for me to RE-think.


Where are you????

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