Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shut the DOORS.


Kids say the funniest things.

The other day Malachi and Zeek we’re playing Wii, when I heard Malachi say, “Shut the front door!!!”


the door wasn’t open.

I walked around the corner and said, “Malachi…we don’t say THAT.  Where did you hear it???”

“A commercial.” he said.

“We’ll we don’t say THAT.” I said as I tried

He looked at me with a look only an INNOCENT boy can look.

He said, “You say it all the time.”

Um…yes, but when I say it….

I really want the door closed.   LOL

“Well…we don’t say THAT.” I said and walked back into the kitchen.

As I turned the corner I heard Malachi say to Zeek, “Why can’t we say that???”

Zeek said , “Because it doesn't MEAN THAT.  It means something opposite.”

I could almost HEAR Malachi thinking from the kitchen.

“You mean like…..Shut the BACK DOOR?”


This. is. the. life.

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Suzette said...

That's hilarious!