Friday, July 6, 2012


As we walked along the road on our nature walk,I noticed all kinds of things….

The moist heat

the  kids shadows

the ditches..FULL of water

the smell of rain

It was such a great break from the TONS of rain we had been getting.

AS we walked along we talked about the clouds, leaves, seasons, rain, storms, and whatever came across our minds.

But what was important THAT day wasn’t what was said…..

it was what WASN’T said.

rain 007

As we walked along and talked Zeek came up beside me.

We were walking in silence….we didn’t need words.

My sweet,  loving, 11 year old boy slipped his hand into mine.

I smiled inside had out.

What dawned on me in that moment was this:

I may worry about him not having ENOUGH friends.

I may worry about him not being “out there” enough.

But….I am sure that the more “out there” he is….

the farther away he would be.

summer fun 051

I think he is fine….RIGHT HERE.

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Anonymous said...

My heart sang and I teared up as I read this!! What a beautiful simple pure act... Thank you for making a boy like him possible for the world <3