Wednesday, October 3, 2007

G'Day Mate!!!!

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Okay...Jason has this amazing ability to imitate people with accents.
He ALWAYS does it.
Sometimes it is a Redneck, sometimes a Russian, and sometimes its the crocodile hunter...
Its USUALLY hillarious!!! Until it REALLY starts getting on my nerves..
Some of my best memories with him are him talking in a CRAZY accent while I proceed to pee my pants!!
Yesterday in school, the kids and I were looking at books with maps.
We were reviewing the Oceans and Continents...(So we can paint our paper mache' globe!!!!)
I was asking the kids if they remembered them from last year?
I asked them, " Where do Kangaroo's live?"
Right then, without hesitation, Ezekiel says in his cutest "Australian" voice...
" Kangaroo come from Australia, Mate!"
I thought that I just might wet my pants ...AGAIN!!!
I give Thanks that I have this opportunity to teach my own children and hear these wonderful peices of their personality start to show....Even if I am spending lots of time changing my PANTS!!!


Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder where he gets THAT from? Surely not me, Aunt Cindy, aunt of many voices.....;)

Jana said...

soooo cute...they just totally have 4 different personalities!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Grandma said...

That's like father like son. HA! HA!