Monday, October 8, 2007

A Little Poem for Little Princess... if you read this blog, youll remember that I wrote a little poem for Malachi on night.(if not- go down a few posts and youll find it)
Really- it just wrote itself while I was at the computer one night.
Well, Malachi loves it so much that our little "deal" is that EVERY TIME he says he loves me during the day, it is really "code" for ..."say my poem please!" you can imagine, We have been repeating it alot!!!
Well Today, Shashamane came to me and said, "Mama, when are you going to write MY poem?"
It was soooo cute, all day she said, "Have you finished it yet?"
I finally had to tell het that It would be ready tommorow morning.
So tonight as I got our school stuff ready for tommorow--I came up with a little poem for a little princess.....Here goes.
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Shashamane Irie...
What a special princess you are.

More and More everyday,
you shine like a sparkling star.

Always first to fall asleep at night,
after a long day of princess play.

And first to rise every morning-
you are ready to greet the day.

You shimmer like a flower,
fresh from the morning dew.

I could never really tell you how much that I TRULY LOVE YOU!


Katie said...

I love this picture of her. She is so beautiful. Looks like her mamma!!! You know now you have two more poems to write. LOL Good job! loved it!

Jana said...

I know...and Friday is Zeeks Bday...I'm up!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem for a lovely girl. You have beautiful children. But then so did your Dad.

Suzette said...

What a beautiful poem about Princess Shasha!

Anonymous said...

Well, you know what that picture and poem does to me. I'm here at work whipping tears away. You're such a GOOD mommy.
Love always,

Lanza said...

Thanks for writing this.

susan said...

I came across your blog whilst looking for images of the little princess books. I'm cetainly going to have a proper look at it. What a beautiful little girl and loved the quote at the top.