Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Free Play = FREE MIND

I read an article today about how KINDERGARTEN was turning AWAY from PLAYING in school.


They are 5.

Let them PLAY!!!!!

Let them IMAGINE!!!!

Let them BE KIDS!!!!

It makes me sooooo happy to be a homeschooler.

Read it HERE.

Love and Light….

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Delilah said...

My son is in Kindergarten right now and that's exactly what they do! I want to homeschool him so bad but feel unsure about my ability to do so. The other day he told me he got in trouble for running at RECESS!!!! I'm going to ask the principal about that one when we get back. Before my son entered K, he was with me all the time hiking and playing...he never went to preschool and we were always reprimanded by other parents for not sending him. They would always play the socializing card. I would always tell them he was a homegrown kid! And would you know that he is the most social, kindest, sharing and caring kid in his class? His teacher tells me this everyday when I pick him up!
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