Sunday, December 20, 2009

Progressively Pioneering...........

I am an AVID blog reader.
I LOVE finding a new blog that has GREAT stuff on it!!!
Today ..I hit the jackpot.

Progressive Pioneer!!!!

THIS is what she says in her "About Me" section...

Sometimes the most progressive ideas are the oldest and simplest, the ones that took place 100 years ago, when no one saw anything revolutionary about them at all. Today there are so many parenting options, so many ways to feed, clothe and care for our children. Many spring from media moguls and business tycoons, others are born in laboratories and research centers. In the midst of all these high tech, color coordinated, safety tested, pediatrician recommended options, the most radical choice can be to simply say, “No thanks.”

When we trust our intuition, and look within, rather than to external sources for the answers, we will often find that the simplest solutions are best. Why feed our babies deconstructed, vitamin-fortified, puffed cereals when we can simply cook up some nice, hot oatmeal, vitamins all intact? Do we really need an entire car seat/carrier/stroller system that makes it entirely possible to go hours at a time without ever touching your baby? Hold that sweet babe tight to your breast, wrapped in a simple cloth as millions of mothers have done before! The latest parenting books urge us to let our babies “cry it out,” when every cell in our body tells us to fold them into our arms and soothe them to sleep. Listen to your body! Forget the cribs, the baby food, the play pens. We women have been doing this for eons. Choose to follow the examples of our pioneer forbears; live simply, live close to the earth and close to your loved ones.

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Aysa said...

Hi there. I love your blog. :)

I agree with this completely. Countless people have told me to let my son "cry it out", not to rock him to sleep.. that I'll spoil him by carrying him in my arms with me, or by being as affectionate to him as I am. All I can say is that makes me feel sorry for their children. I know where my son belongs, with me. And I know that when he cries, no matter how tired I might be, I will always rush to his side to comfort him, because he is small and the world is so large and intimidating.

It seems like, as the years roll on, women are encouraged to stray further and further from their families. To push them away even in their infancy. It's sad. :(

Me and my little man will do what is right to us. I will continue to mash his food up by hand, and snuggle him, and come running when he cries, because I am his mother!