Monday, December 14, 2009

That “LOVE”ly smell…………

When Jay and I first met …..

11 years ago-

I always LOVED the way he smelled.

Something about the MUSTY, MAN smell.

To me …It smells like HOME.

My Home.

My Safety.


When I would nestle in THAT spot.

The one where I  could REALLY smell HIS SMELL.

In his arms…safely.

Well today… I was reading with Zeek during school.

We were laying on my bed..all cozy under a blanket.

I leaned down and kissed his little head…


there it was ,,

His Fathers smell.

I leaned down to smell again and almost cried.


Just like HOME.

He is growing up so fast..

I know that before I know it hell be too big to cuddle and read “Iron Man” in my bed.

I know that before long he will pull away in the name of “Growing Up”.

So for TODAY….

I just took it in.

I didn’t rush off to check on the “littles”.(Shasha was playing “teacher” with them on the computer.)

I didn’t run off to do some dishes “real quick”.

I just took it in……

His smell.

His presence.


Beach dAY 008


Julie said...

That is so beautiful Jana! I love to read your blogs. You remind me of the one, simple, most important possession we have...FAMILY!!!

We all need the gentle reminder from time to time that we just need to slow down and "Take it all in" as you put it.

Thank you :)

charlotte.gittens said...

YOur Amazing :) I Want To be Rasta you seem to be so chilled out loving caring and a great person i think people should take this in a little bit more ! the people in the UK need to be rasta's lol as we can be nasty people but you yur family are truely beautiful inside and out ! your blessed :) Well done :) Xx