Thursday, December 3, 2009

New “Schedule”….

Its funny how sometimes something you hear, see or READ can shift your whole thinking.


Shift around your life!!!


I was having a hard time this year deciding WHAT to teach in the History/Social Studies department.

I mean like ..

Stay up at night and THINK ABOUT HISTORY CIRRICULUM ……hard time.

(I know…I just read that and laughed!!!)

I mean…I have the PLAN.

But was having a hard time FITTING it in.

Then I started reading ABOUT history books .

About how in the US …there are 4 MAJOR textbooks used for History Cirriculum.


They all “see” history differently.



Zeek has a harder time in Reading/Writing.

So- It seemed like I was “wasting” time trying to figure out WHAT to teach.


he needs MORE time concentrated on just READING/COMPREHENSION/WRITING.


After REALLY thinking about it I have decided to just WAIT on the history lessons.

Which is hard for me because THAT PART is always so fun.


To Me….

Until I can get all this sorted out in my head…

History will be limited to our Bible Study and Library movies.

And  hopefully….I will sleep better NOT dreaming of:

What the weather was REALLY like on the mayflower.


if the Pilgrims REALLY hijacked all of the other passengers on the ship and took them to New England instead of their INTENDED Virginia.

By NEXT YEAR….Im sure I will have a better handle on this in my head.

At least I will have decided which STAND I will take on the subject.


With Love….


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