Monday, January 18, 2010

Life IS a lesson…….



When I was younger I didn’t REALLY understand how hard it MUST have been to let me GO.

I left Texas when I was 19.

I just wanted to go…experience something different.

It had NOTHING to do with my family…


I KNOW it was HARD for them.

To just let me go….

because they HAD to.

I was an “adult”…

(when I read that I LAUGH!)


Not quite.

Not even CLOSE.

I just wanted to GO…

to live on the beach.

to travel.

to experience.


after having 4 children of my own.

4 children that  LIVE in my soul.

I can’t even IMAGINE how hard that was for THEM.

I ….being ME….just WENT.

I remember telling my Dad that It wasn’t SOOO bad.

“Dad-Think of the people in the PIONEER days? They just went…no phones, no communication.  It’s not THAT bad!”



I had NO IDEA.

I blame ….YOUTH.


After spending a week with my Dad and Suzette…

It HIT me. It must have been SOOOOOO EXCRUCIATING for my family.

I was soooo 19.


Dont get me wrong….

I LOVE My life.

I feel like GOD put me HERE for a REASON.

I would not be who I am today…If I WOULD’T have moved.

It forced me to make REAL LIFE decisions…on my OWN.

BUT…That dosen’t make it easier to say GOODBYE.

Maybe even HARDER.

Because I NOW REALIZE how precious these times are.

How precious  FAMILY  is.

How precious TIME is.

How precious LIFE is.

Love you ALL…Jana

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Gloriadelia said...

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Thanks for the encouragement and jazz!