Wednesday, January 6, 2010

School Days……..

This week we got back into our school schedule.

Its a LOOSE schedule…But I TRY !

The way I figure it ……as long as we get it done-it doesn't matter WHEN we get it done.

But I have really been trying to make them WRITE more.


We are doing lots of copy work(bible vs.. mostly).

And LOTS of reading. 

Before the break I decided that I didn’t want to spend to much time on History or social studies for the rest of the year.

Reason 1:

I am reading THIS book :


and it TOTALLY changed the way I think about historical events.

Reason 2:

I  really wanted to FOCUS on reading and writing for the rest of the year….ALOT.

AND we also decided not to focus on too much science.

The kids LOVE “The Magic School Bus” series.

And Ms. Frizzle can teach them a 30 min science lesson WAY BETTER than I can!!!!


So far good.

Zeek has really improved his reading this year.

(AND he doesn't like to read really)

Then there is Shasha …


Sweet girl….cant read ENOUGH!!!

And Malachi seems to lean more in Shashas way.

He LIKES to read and is getting better….

So …I guess you could say that things are going well.

I feel renewed after the break and came back w/ lots of new ideas!!!!


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Anonymous said...

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