Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Jay and I are connected.

And not just .."4 kids" connected.

I mean we have 4 kids...but we were "connected" way before that.

My VERY FIRST thought after I had a REAL conversation with Jay was, "Oh No!!! I am going to LOVE him!"...because I was "not available" at the time.

As you can didn't take long for me to "become available" to him.


Imediately things fell into place....I KNEW he was the one.

We had a connection ...a REAL connection.

We have been together sooo long now that we almost can finish each others sentences.

We almost THINK the same things.

We know it and we know we are BLESSED by the LORD with this LOVE.

Sometimes we are soooooo connected that it is FUNNY.

Laugh OUT LOUD funny.

The other day we were having a party at our house for our nephew Reef and we were standing, arm in arm, at the back door staring out into the chicken coop.

It was POURING down rain......

The poor things were TRYING NOT to get SOAKED.

They were all huddled together, like a pile of puppies, under the covered part of the coop....TRYING to stay dry.

Jay looked at me sweetly and said, "Well...I guess we can be thankful that they are smart enough to TRY and stay under the covered part of the coop, so they don't get wet."

We stood there for a minute admiring our "smart chickens"...

Then as if GOD was LAUGHING at us....
Zeek walked out from around the corner SOAKING WET!!!

Jay and I didnt have to say a word.

We just looked at each other and started BELLY LAUGHING!!!

It was hilarious!!!

We were both thinking the same thing....."And then there is ZEEK...walking IN the rain-getting SOAKED!!!"

WHat a blessing to be married to my BEST FRIEND!!!

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