Thursday, May 12, 2011

On Wealth...and being "rich"

Some people consider us poor because we don't have the most RECENT technological gadgets, the biggest TV's or the best designer clothes.

Some people consider us poor because we live in a "raised florida home" (fancy for big trailer)and drive a van that we have to unhook the battery EVERYTIME you get out so it dosen't die.

Some people consider us poor because we would RATHER go to the thrift shop and buy USED than to the mall and buy NEW.

From the outside...we are "material" poor.

And we don't care.

We KNOW we are RICH.

I wouldn't trade the life I have for all the MATERIAL WEALTH in the world.

Life is TRULY precious and in my last days I promise you...I will not WANT for BETTER THINGS.

I will BEG for more time.

More time to love my family.

More time to teach my kids.

More time to serve with my brothers and sisters.

More time to laugh with friends.

More time to SAVOR LIFE.

Life is too short to dwell on earthly possesions...

Life is too short to chase paper.....

Because what we have is MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD!


(These pics are from our mini-vaca in New Smyrna Beach last weekend.AWESOME!)


Shainee said...

Love my wisdom filled sister <3

Mom Sleppy said...

Absolutely! I visit the affluent families to teach their children music on their shiny, new baby grand pianos in their large, beautiful homes in their affluent neighborhoods, but I LOVE coming home to a house full of children and a homemade dinner cooked by an amazing husband. Sometimes I even come home with a bag of clothes that still have Gap and Polo tags on them, donated graciously by the affluent! One lady once told me that we "are rich in other ways." There's no dollar sign on peace of mind, I tell you.