Monday, November 7, 2011

9 years old....

A royal name for a royal girl.
You are my little tag-along,
always by my side.
I loved you from the minute I saw you and live you more every minute that passes.
I love watching you grow and mature.
Although I have to admit, when I see you run iff with your friends at the dance studio laughing and giggling...It makes me a little sad.
SAD because you are not so little anymore.
9 years old seems like FOREVER when watching a soul bloom.
It seems like an eternity and a moment at the same time.
I cherish these days.
Because...RIGHT NOW- In your eyes, I am still still want to cuddle with me at night and you have NO INTEREST in boys.
It is PERFECT....
I pray that we will forever be matter your age.
I pray that you stay true to YOU and never lose your fire.
I pray you KNOW God loves that you love yourself.
I pray that when you are a teenager you can learn from SOME of my that you don't HAVE to make ALL your own.
Happy 9th Birthday Baby!!!!

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Dad said...

growing too fast