Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scary Stuff......

Pre-teen-  the beginning of puberty or the beginning of the teenage stage, the time frames in which adolescence is considered to begin.[2][3][4] In terms of age in years, preadolescence is generally defined as the period from 9-14 years.

My life is changing....every minute.
I find myself traveling a ROCKY ROAD.
A road that moved me from "Mommy" to "Mom" quickly.
Sooo fast that I feel like my head is SPINNING.

You has been COMING.
I have seen glimpses of it on the horizon...
and NOW...

The PRE-TEEN years!!!!!

It has SLAPPED me in the face....REALITY, that is!!!

Shasha is 9 and Zeek is 11...which puts BOTH of them SMACK IN THE MIDDLE of it.
The crazy part is they have NO IDEA why they are freaking out.
They just FREAK OUT.
I try and tell them that their bodies are changing ..blah, blah, blah.
Who am I kidding....I try and tell MYSELF that.
But sometimes....I just stand and stare.
It is as if I am having an "out-of-body-experience"...I am there, but my mind has gone into THINK mode.

Take a breath.
Calm down.

I SAY all those things...while I wait.

I am waiting on the words...the words that seem to manifest themselves in times when I REALLY need guidance.

And then they come...
"You are CRAZY. WHO ARE YOU? Stop acting like a maniac!!!!"

Oh wait!!!....THOSE are the words that I say n my mind.
Those are the words that would be EASY.
Those are the words that would hurt and offer NOTHING.

So instead I try another road...
I try and explain that just because we FEEL a certain way DOES NOT MEAN we can act a certain way. We are all children of God and no one deserves to be talked nasty to.  I try and explain that their bodies are changing- they are starting the walk from kid to adult. I try and rtell them that they will have to face things that they cant imagine in their lives...and HOW they handle them is PROOF POSITIVE of the person they are. I try and tell them that no matter if I never see them misbehave...GOD does.

I also tell them that THOSE choices will have to be made for the

The journey is never over.
We are forever students who SHOULD continually GROW and LEARN.

I pray they hear me...
Because if they DON'T...
We may be in trouble.

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