Friday, November 18, 2011

Texas Our Texas....

Life is funny....
I moved to Florida when I was 19 without 1 THOUGHT as to what that REALLY meant.
I didn't know what my life would be....but I knew I wanted to go.
And now....well now- I KNOW, and I wouldn't change a THING about the twists and turns mylife has made.
But ...As I have grown up...I have become AWARE.
AWARE of how important family is.
AWARE of the toll distance can take.
AWARE of the TIME that passes...
while you aren't AWARE.

So I sit here .........
IN TEXAS on vacation, after moving to Florida 14 years ago-
I am flooded with LOVE for my home, appreciation for my family, and the knowledge that
LIFE is a BLESSING, and every MOMENT we have with each other is PRECIOUS.

"Life is a thing, when you learn- you grow."- Damian Marley