Saturday, September 19, 2009

Late Night Mutterings........

This is the time in the day when my mind starts to reel

Its always at night, alone.....trying to deal.

Why all the doubt?

Could I do more?

These are the questions that knock at MY door.

Its sooo hard to unwind.

Sleep's what I NEED to find.

Planning and planning,,,,i dream of planning.

My life before me....ever EXPANDING.

I asked my Mom today..."Does that ever stop?"

The worrying, wondering, .....She said "NO!"

My heart dropped.

I Love this life.....but I fear TIME.

Tick, Tock,,,always the clock!

If I sleep Ill miss out...Its like a child's thought.

"If I fall asleep...Ill miss out on ALOT!"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

time is just illusion
for it goes so fast now

just being in the present

no past no future
right here right now

for you write this on my birthday

so it has much meaning and understanding

for sure
give thanks