Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sweetness....sort of.

This week we had a field trip to DAYTONA for a trip to the

Chocolate Factory
Ice Skating

Soooooo Fun!

The kids were so excited that we laid their clothes out the night before on their desks...

They were READY.

They went to sleep on Wednesday night dreaming of Chocolate covered pretzels and white chocolate sanddollars.

Thursday morning they woke up bright and early and quickly put on their clothes.

Afer they got dressed..They looked like they were going camping in ANTARCTICA!!!


Sidenote: They have been soooooo ready for the cold weather that Zeek has ACTUALLY been wearing a sweatshirt in 85 degree weather for the last WEEK!!!!
Ive been sweating just LOOKING at him. :0)


Shasha had beeen sooo excited about her NEW OUTFIT that she was going to wear to the field trip.

The ensemble included her favorite pair of jeans and her newly STYLED Homeschoolers by the Sea shirt.
(We cut the shirt s sleeves and made them "fringy" and we slit the shirt up the back and tied it together w/ pieces of tshirt to make it more fitted....She was STOKED!)

SO...Off we wnt headed to Daytona with Shainee and her boys in Coach Matty's Jaguar Van.
(Malachi said to me before we got there..."Mom, Do you know what the best part of this trip will be?" ....""Riding in Coach Mattys Van!")

Sooo cute!

We arrived at the

Chocolate Factory

in Daytona ..right on time!

We walked in and met the rest of our HS group.

The kids were sooo excited..everyone was putting on their aprons in anticipation.
They KNEW they would be MAKING something!!!!


They started handing out the....


Everyone who was going to go INSIDE the factory to MAKE their own chocolate..

Had to wear a


Shasha was NOT pleased all.

This is not what she had envisioned!

The hair net was not the right color nor the right FABRIC for her NEWLY STYLED Tshirt.

She was MORTIFIED!!!!!

She couldn't bear the thought of ACTUALLY putting THAT THING on!!!!

So...after MUCH "talking to" she made the decision to NOT MAKE THE CHOCOLATE!!!!

You read that RIGHT...


She didn't dip the pretzels
the oreos.

Shes a SLAVE to fashion.

She wouldn't even consider it...
for a minute.

She refused.


Not even for 5 minutes.

Not even if EVERYONE else is doing it.


Never. all the other children dipped THEIR pretzels and oreos,

she watched from BEHIND a GLASS WINDOW.

Lil' Fashionista.

Couldn't even be swayed.

Gotta LOVE her for THAT.

She definitely doesn't just "FOLLOW THE CROWD".

After that......

We went Ice skating and everyone had a GREAT time.

Sheba was a little "Ice Princess".

She took 1 little lesson and was OFF.......

Zeek did great also.

Except that for the 1st hour and a half he was wearing skates that were a size too BIG!

And Malachi had a great time also.

We had a great day...

AND I have to add that ALL of these kids had such HUGE hearts out there on that ice.

Each and EVERY time a child fell....there were IMMEDIATELY 3 or 4 kids there to help them up.

Such an amazing sight!!!

Shainee and I BOTH were amazed at the SWEETNESS of the whole experience.

And I'm not JUST talking about the CHOCOLATE!!!!


Peach said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast at the chocolate factory... (: looks like you even got a smile out of Shasha at some point... (: haha... too cute... Love you,

Shainee said...

Swet it was. Loved the narrative. So funny is that lil Ms. Thang. Love her to pieces!

Anonymous said...

OOOOO!!!!! Making your own chocolate. Great.
The skating looks like such fun. I like the idea of a walker for learning. Looks like Mema.
Love you bunches.

Mari V. said...

LOVE SHASHA!! Good for her for sticking to "HER" guns. I had a dream the other night you were going tO HAVE ANOTHER BABY. Anything you need to tell me? Love you and miss you!

grandma said...

Sounds like it was a great day for all. And you have to love Shasha to death for being her own person. She will be very independent in her grown years. Love,kisses, and hugs to ALL of you,