Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A "Lifetime" away...........lol

Today was a crazy day...
Our "show" aired on Lifetime....AGAIN.
Its crazy how ....all the sudden this AM- I was TAKEN BACK to THERE.
That place 2 yeares ago when I was READY to do a reality TV show.
Show me the MONEY...That was my thought.
That was the ONLY reason FOR ME to do it.
I was pretty sure at the time that I was going to be "TRADED" with a CRAZY CLOWN mom, or a NAZI RACIST.
Someone who was going to PISS ME OFF...for sure.

I was NOT prepared for what actually happened.
I was not prepared to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
And ...I think I did.

Everytime I see the episode or hear that it has been on ...I REALLY CRINGE.
It makes my heart beat fast and my throat go dry...actually.

I ALWAYS KNOW when someone is aproaching me BECAUSE OF THE SHOW.
They have THAT look.
The look that says..."There is that RASTA LADY with that CRAZY man!"
I alwys KNOW what they are going to say.
Its always nice.
I HAVE learned that people dont GENERALLY go out of their way to say something AWFUL.

Its usually something like .....
"I loved you on that show!"
"Your kids are soooo cute!"
"Are you THAT lady that was on THAT show?"

Usually I answer them BEFORE they ask.

Well today I woke up and found out that "THE SHOW" was on at 1pm.

And there it was...the fast beating heart and the dry throat.


And then it came and went ....1:00 to 2:00.

And throughout the whole thing...I LAUGHED.

It is quite COMICAL now!

The shitty editing, my sentences cut in HALF, Jay saying WOMAN every 5 minutes.


And then it happened again.
The SAME thing that has happened since October 31...2 years ago.
People were supportive.
I got emails from people I dont know.
AND people I know.

THAT is what I didnt expect out of the WHOLE THING........

Here are just SOME of the AWESOME THINGS people had to say:

From Julie:
Just watching this show far for 30 minutes is eye opening to me. I have been struggling with issues lately and have needed some guidance and am finding it in unexpected places. Jana you have such a good heart and it comes through in your show no ma...tter what they edit out. Unfortunately I am seeing myself in the other parents with too much structure and not enough spontaneous fun and adventure. I am thrilled that I just came across this randomly. Thank you for your experiences. Just a small glimpes of your good hearted family is giving me ideas for change in my life.

I am glad I got to finally see it. I think you are a blessed family and it shows. Your kids are amazing. They were so sweet to James in the pool at Cindy's this summer and the love shows through in them. You totally healed that father/daughter relationship and that is a huge deal. No amount of editing can take that part of the show away :)

From Kim:
I think you made a huge impact on the other family.

From Ali:
Ali Almasy September 29 at 2:22pm Report
Hi Jana, my name is Ali.. I'm almost 18 years old and I just saw your family on an episode of wife swap. i could not believe that finally a terrific family who believes in things i believe in was on that show! i got teary eyed whenever that one dad said he would double what his daughters put in that donation jar. it was so sweet so see something had gotten through to him. i live in a suburb and my family is definitely not like yours and they don't understand things that i believe in. its too foreign to them i guess. i just wana tell you though that i totally look up to you and i hope one day that if im ever a mother i can bring up my children with the same amazing beliefs that you raise your children under. my peers at my public school just drive me insane because they are all so materialistic and haven't got one clue about actual problems in the world. i do conservational work and have gone on month long camping and trail repairing trips including my favorite which was all over the Alaskan Range. I want to work with unfortunate children one day as my job and maybe be a therapeutic camp counselor or something and teach them how beautiful nature is and to be thankful for simplicity or show them that being self sufficient and simplistic is the way to live happily.

well, i hope to get some sort of response from you! if not, i just wana say one more time it made me so happy to see your wonderful family and how great of a person & mother you are.

I am soooo grateful for an opportunity to effect ANYONE by just BEING US!

I feel soooo blessed tonight......I bet I fall asleep smiling.


Anonymous said...

Jana/Jay and fam: and I am one of those that wanted to reach out and say "thanks" after the initial airing; to find some genuine, loving traditional (man being the hoh), home-schooling and genuinely nice people in this day and age is hard. To find out that you really are good upfull people (and to get to know you a little better--through the net) I feel blessed to have made new friends. I thank you for opening your life then (even if you DID do it for the money then) and I thank you for having your life and sharing now--your family is truly a blessing. Jah bless.

Anonymous said...

there are a few blogs speaking on it, this was the one I found...


One love, Dawn

Jana said...

Thank you soooo much. I appreciat all the LOVE we have gotten and am also happy to make new "NET" friends! Arent you guys in Tallahassee?????

Mari V. said...

How funny that it seems like 2 YEARS to you, sister, because it hasn'r even been a YEAR since it aired. it came out halloween 2008, we're only in 2009. That's HOW "old school" that show already is. you ALL have already moved on and UP!!! i love you!

Anonymous said...

I wish we were closer to you guys, we are waaaaaaaaaaay across the country in Oregon. (we're "friends" on Myspace too)--my goal is to find a super neato gig for your husbands band out here so then there's a reason to bring "mama and kids" lol (or that was your husbands plan) one love, you guys are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Good for you sista!!! :0)

Pól said...

Heads up, I saw you on Channel 4 in Ireland this morning, your GLOBAL! LOL
I'm really glad your family did the show - I think everyone in this increasingly selfish and commercial world could learn a LOT from your family's example and philosophy.

Peace and haplessness to you and your family.

- Pól

Erika said...

It aired again today! I found your blog b/c I'm originally from Florida and I was trying to guess your beach and googled Rasta family from St. Augustine and I was right! I grew up in Daytona and have a house in Ormond. Seems like you have a pretty cool life. I live in SF now and miss my beach; imo, the stretch of beaches from Ponce Inlet to St. Augustine are the best. My husband misses surfing without a wet suit, but the only thing I don't miss are palmetto bugs. People in Northern California have never heard of flying roaches-lol.

Loved how you interacted so compassionately with the oldest daughter. I'm sure you made a difference in her life and the family as a whole. Good on you!

angie said...

I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you so much...I know Wife swap is corny,but I "get" you!I don't practice rastafarianism,but I am a hippie mama with 6 kids and we also believe in homeschool, family bed, attached parenting,etc. You were incredibly gracious on the show, and someone whom I know I could easily be friends with.
"Open your eyes,look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?" -RNM :)

Anonymous said...

I've seen the show many times on life time your family and those dreads are rocking cool. The rasta music and life style is totally awesome. I'd love to do wife swap just for the excitment and adventure. (maybe my day will come)