Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MORE than Math.........

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Sometimes in life I have moments when the fog clears and things become AMAZINGLY clear.

TODAY..I had one of those moments.

Zeek and Shasha had finished their math test...BOTH making a 100!!!!!

SO I decided to let them choose something out of the "prize box".

Hold on...before anyone gets toooo excited- there isn't THAT much in the box yet! LOL

Anyway, Shasha chose some pink lipgloss-BIG SURPRISE!

And Ezekiel chose a dollar.

He came to me a few minutes later and wanted to put the money in his wallet so that later at the gym he could get a fruit Popsicle.

They have been REALLY WANTING one of them for weeks.....

I told him that he could get one, but he would have to do it when the other kids were in Yoga(he doesn't go to yoga anymore...its not cool! He sits beside me -beside the treadmills.)

Without even a THOUGHT he said, " No Mom, I think Ill wait and save enough $$$ for ALL of us to get one."
He quickly put the $$$ in his wallet and went back to his game of rescue heroes.

Never saying a word to anyone else.

At that moment I felt as though the sun was shining directly on this little soul.

He was glowing...with HUMBLENESS, KINDNESS, SWEETNESS, and LOVE!!!!!!

Some things are sooooo much more important that MATH..........

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