Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ART… lots of ways.

Some days…….


Some days just don’t work out like you plan them.

ESPECIALLY as a homeschooling mom.

I woke up today and was ready to get going.

BUT…while I had my coffee and checked my email, Zeek started on his DINOSAUR DRAWINGS.

November 09 026

I checked him out a book at the library about DRAWING dinosaurs.

He LOVED it.

He loved it so much that he started on them BRIGHT and EARLY this AM….

Throwing off my WHOLE school day.

I mean….What KIND of mother stops her son from drawing THESE?

November 09 028


He just LOOKED at the pictures in the book and DREW THEM!!!!!

So …..

We had a BACKWARDS school day.


Instead of READING to ART.

And all the while Zeek was drawing these pics…..

Shasha was sooooo upset.

She’s not as ….how can I say it?


So while our resident ARTIST sat at the table and whipped out dinosaur after dinosaur…..

I sat with Shasha and explained that ART comes in lots of different forms.

She may not be a SKETCH ARTIST…But shes an artist…of SOME KIND.

We watched videos on Frida Kahlo

And we talked about Picasso and Dali…..

After all THAT- I showed her how to draw some things that were easy for HER to draw….FLOWERS.

By the end of the morning I asked her THIS question…

“ Now, Do you think your an artist?”

She smiled BIG.

and said



Anonymous said...

oh my of course in the heart

know how much these two are

close, now just amazin

jah jah just loves to draw

just like zeek totally freehanded

for hours sketch books, just amazin

at school he has requests from buddies to make them pictures

just amazing
what blessings

Tara Rison said...

Amazing! He is lucky to have such an encouraging (and flexible) mother!