Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Super Shiny Silver Lining…….

Read THIS first……cloud

A few DAYS ago we got rid of our cable…

I thought it would be hard …for the kids.

I thought that they would REALLY complain.

But….they HAVEN’T.

A few times they have asked…”When can we get the REGULAR shows back?”

(Meaning- When will Dad actually UNHOOK the cable  boxes and get an antenna so we can AT LEAST watch PBS?)


I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am about this decision.

Why is that we just become ACCUSTOMED to “modern comforts”?

I mean REALLY?

We feel like were DIS-connected if we don't have CABLE?


And I love TV.

I love the educational part of it.

I loved cable.

I loved being able to DVR a nature show for the kids to watch at bedtime.

But …in reality….

you can watch anything online.

Its just not AS easily accessible.

And you can check out ALMOST anything at the library…



in the last few days I have seen Zeek actually get a book and READ..ON HIS OWN!

It was a superman book…but-It was a BOOK!

And if you know Zeek…this is HUGE!!!

Give Thanks for CLARITY .

Give Thanks for PRORITIES.

Give Thanks for SILVER LININGS!!!!


Tara Rison said...

I truly appreciated these posts. I love "meeting" families with whom I share the same values and priorities.

We do still have cable. However, my husband and I have been talking about getting rid of it. Glad to read that about the silver lining!

Anonymous said...

amazing grace

no more distraction

taking away from the special moments of time together family growing up

all centered on love and care

working as a team

not taking the mind elsewhere to veg

proud of decision you both have made