Sunday, July 4, 2010


Ballet. Tap. Jazz. Modern.


I have such wonderful memories of dance as a child.


Sooooo…as you can imagine, It tugged at my heart when Shashamane decided she wanted to go to dance camp this summer.

I instantly envisioned tutus, pointe shoes, and dippity doo.


I found a GREAT STUDIO  in town and signed her up.

2 weeks. 9-12. M-F.

THIS would be interesting…

would she WANT to go everyday???

would she like it????

would she break out of her shell????

We were about to find out.

 june-dance 033

She was sooo funny the night before her first day.


Her little mind was RACING….

Surely ,she went to sleep dreaming of bright lights and music.

The next morning we ALL got up and took her to DANCE CAMP.

She TALKED the ENTIRE WAY there.

She literally WOULDNT stop talking.

“Mom…Am I going to like it-will there be lots of girls-will everyone wear what I am weaning-will  we eat 2 times-will I have enough snacks-what KIND of dancing will we do-will you be there to pick me up-will I LIKE it??????”


I thought…”This girl is excited!!!!”

Her final words before getting out of the van…”I have butterflies!”

Sweet girl….throwing herself in.

I was beyond proud.

She is GROWING before my eyes.


It flew by…

2 weeks. 9-12. M-F.

Before we knew it she was having her 1st dance performance.

She was PERFECT.

She learned.

She came out of her shell.


She LOVED it and is SOOO excited about next year.

Like I said…I see LOTS of  bobby pins and dippity doo in the future..


You did GREAT sweet princess….We ALL LOVE YOU and are soooo PROUD of you!!!

Love…your family

july dance 025 july dance 010 july dance 012 july dance 013 july dance 015 july dance 017 july dance 019 july dance 021 july dance 024

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