Sunday, July 11, 2010



I’m OVER it.

In June Jay and I started watching LOST.

Remember THIS???

We started watching together and up until NOW we TRIED to stay together…on the same episode.

I would say “Ok, I watched episode 4 and 5…so tonight while I’m at work you have to watch  THOSE episode so that tomorrow we can watch episode 6 TOGETHER.”

But …ITS BEEN 6 WEEKS!!!!!!

I’ve “LOST” half my summer in TV land.

I’m WAY to invested to stop now, BUT-

I haven’t read 1 BOOK!!!

I’ve HARDLY done any school planning.

I mean seriously…


WHY did we start this CRAZY JOURNEY?

I have such a LOVE –HATE relationship with this show right now.

I HATE the fact that it REELED me in with its FAKE monsters, “OTHERS”  and CRAZY plots that go from past to present to future with NO WARNING at all!!!


I LOVE it enough to watch the last 7 episodes.

I mean really ….At THIS point..

the ONLY thing MORE DUMB that STARTING to watch the show…

Would be  to NOT FINISH IT!!!!!

So…I’ve decided to ABANDON the original plan of STICKING TOGETHER…..

I told Jay that I was NOT WAITING for him anymore.

I HAD to get back to LIFE.

I’m going to FINISH THIS.

I can’t wait ANY MORE.

THAT being said…..I gotta go.

I have 7 episodes left to watch!

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