Thursday, July 22, 2010

Slipping away……..


Maybe its because Zeek is the oldest.

Maybe its because he doesn't get to very often


He LOVES to go spend the night with family or friends.

ANY chance he gets.


Last weekend he spent the night with his cousin and we met them at the beach the next day for a few hours,


he had a play date planned with a friend, so we took him over there after the beach.

I knew he was EXCITED…he had BEEN talking about it the entire week.

And I love for him to go other places and hang with friends.

I really do.

And he is an AMAZING KID…so people are ALWAYS telling me how nice and polite he is when he is there.

But we ALWAYS miss him.


Its like a piece of the puzzle is missing when he is gone.


Its like a big HUGE puzzle piece is missing.


As the rest of us sat on the couch and watched “Wipeout” I decided it was time to call…he had been gone for 36.5 hours that he had been “away”  and we NEEDED him. 


But-I called Mellisa and she invited him to stay the night…..Oh no!!!


After that… THIS was my conversation with Zeek:

M:”Hey Bud, are you having fun"?”

Z: “Yes Maam!!!!!! “(It  was 9pm and they had JUST gotten out of the ocean! <3)

M: “Well…are you ready to come home????  Dad will come get you.”

Z: “Um…No-I think Ill stay.”

M: “Are you sure?  Dad will come get you!!”

Z: “No Mom…Ill stay!”

So- I hung up the phone still 1 piece short of the puzzle.

I hung up the phone and said to Jay, “He wants to stay.”

Jay said, “Its ok.  He's getting BIG!”

But as I sat there I couldn’t help but REFLECT on what was happening.

He is slipping away…….

I’m desperately trying to HOLD HIM.

But he’s slowly growing up.

I realize that there is nothing I can do…..

He is doing what he is supposed to do.

And I guess by trying to slow it…… so am I.

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Suzette said...

Yes, you both are doing what is expected--it's called parenting and it HURTS sometimes! It is hard to watch them grow up, but it is a necessary part of LIFE! You are teaching him one day he can make it on his own. But, I know it HURTS!!! Can't wait to see our INDEPENDENT daughter....1 and kisses until then!!