Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thru the ages…and STAGES.



You ALWAYS think you know EXACTLY which  way it will go.

When we are children we hear our parents tell us things like, “I love you more than you will ever know.”


“I love you more everyday.”

and we THINK we understand.

But …We DON’T.

I know I was always like, “Yeah, I know.”


We don’t TRYLY understand REAL LIFE things until WE experience them.

We just don’t …GET IT until we GET IT.

At every stage in life, there are NEW things…rites of passage, that see or experience.

BUT…Perspective changes when you realize the REALNESS of THIS SITUATION called LIFE.

And the ONLY thing that can make you realize this is TIME.

Only with TIME and AGE do you understand that this journey is filled with happy times that are so happy you thin k you will BURST and sad times so sad that you think you will NEVER again see JOY.

And as we get older we are FORCED to face things that we NEVER thought we would encounter.

And I am a TRUE BELIEVER that it is in THOSE times that you TRULY can SEE who someone is.

It is in those times of  hardships…You can see INSIDE of someone's heart.

My Mom is facing one of those times right now i her life.

In the last year we have figured out that my Grandmother(her mother) has dementia bordering on Alzheimer's.,and my Mother has been the caretaker for her from the beginning of this journey.

I have continued to be AMAZED by my Mom throughout this ordeal.

She has been there EVERYDAY for my Grandma, even when it wasn’t “easy”.

She has seen her mother go thru things that she never could have imagined.

And at the same time… have I.

I feel that thru this trying time in her life I have seen who she TRULY is.

I have learned from her WHAT IT MEANS to be SELFLESS.

I have learned what it means to be caring and endure things that you don’t think you have the strength to endure.


I feel blessed to be able to SEE these things in my life.

To be able to LEARN from her actions has been a blessing.

I have learned to LOVE…

Thru all the ages and stages.


Melissa said...

Beautifully written, as always. So sorry to hear about your Grandmother and your mom's struggles, but so happy to hear that you have such a shining example in life to live by!

MOM said...

Oh, I LOVE YOU more than life. My prayer for you two girls is that you NEVER have to go thru this with me. This is a HORRIBLE disease. You just keep praying for you grandma to find peace in her heart where she is.

Shainee said...

Lifting your Mama up. We have talked about this. The progression of life. Love you<3