Monday, August 30, 2010

Babies…..THE MOVIE.



Last night we rented a movie …..



“Babies” is about 4 babies from 4 VERY diverse places around the globe….Japan, USA, Mongolia, and Namibia.

It documents them from birth thru the first year of life.

As I watched this “documentary” it really made me SEE how differently and one-sided we see things.

Because we live in the USA….we think we HAVE to have certain things to have a baby.




diaper cream.

bouncy seats.

car seats.


We think we CANNOT live without these things.

But that is because we have never been EXPOSED to anything else.

THAT is all that we know.

THAT is what we have been TAUGHT.

But…when you see something like “Babies” – the fog seems to part.

For me….when I see a mother take water into her mouth from a bucket and then use that water to bathe her baby, and in the next shot an American baby in the nice warm indoor plumbing shower …

It makes you RE-EVALUATE how you “see” things.

It makes me VERY THANKFUL for what I have and makes me feel like next time I get AGGITATED  because my BATH WATER isn’t hot enough ….

maybe I need to RE-THINK my way of thinking.

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