Tuesday, August 31, 2010





As I enter into my 5th year of homeschooling….

one thing is AWESOMELY CLEAR.

I love doing this.

I love taking control of my children's education.

I feel that God has GRANTED me this RIGHT and ABILITY.

It is an understatement to say that planning for 4 kids for an entire year is hard. 

It is MORE than hard.  It is AWFUL.

While sitting at my desk today I felt TOTALLY overwhelmed with PILES of books and planners in front of me.

There were calendars that need to  be written and projects that need to be planned.

It is an UNDERSTATEMENT to even say the word OVERWHELMED.

Overwhelmed would be EASY.

Overwhelmed I would be OKAY with.

But planning for 4 children who are 4 different grades is a whole different ball game….


And I guess that is what helps me thru.

The fact that I have DONE IT.

I have been dedicated.

I have put my time in and have seen the FRUITS of my labor.

I have seen the benefits of homeschooling.

I have seen what a child is like a little less “touched-by-the-world”.

So when I am sitting at my desk…feeling very much like I will NEVER FINISH…….

I am reminded that THIS is what is takes.

THIS is the work that must be put in in order to see those things.

THIS is GOD’S MASTER PLAN for my family.

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