Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pink tights???????

August 055


On Tuesday, Shasha started ballet!!!!

It was so cute.

She took dance camp this summer…”just to be SURE” she LIKED dance.

Thankfully….she LOVED it!!!!

So yesterday …at 3:30 she had her 1st ballet class.

And in TRUE Shashamane fashion she was “concerned” because she doesn't like PINK-and the tights she HAS to wear were PINK TIGHTS.

I told her MANY times that PINK TIGHTS are what REAL DANCE studios want you to wear for ballet.

And MANY times before Tuesday, she asked me to call the studio to ASK if she could wear BLACK tights.

She is RELENTLESS….I wonder where she gets THAT from?????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.    LOL

I KNEW that they WANTED her to wear PINK tights and asked her, “Shasha-what if EVERYONE in the class is wearing PINK tights???????”

Her response….In true REBEL fashion: “I don’t CARE!!!!!!  I’ll bring my BLACK tights in my bag!”

Gotta LOVE that girl…..She is MORE like ME every day!

So…when we got to the studio.

You guessed it:   EVERYONE was wearing PINK TIGHTS!!

I dropped her off and took the other kids to run a few errands.

When I got back I watched as she stood uniformly in a line and practiced her “plies” and skipped across the floor.

I had tears in my eyes as I watched her.

Dance was my childhood LOVE and it makes me sooooo happy that she has chosen THIS art.

THEN …when we got home Sheba said to me, “Momma, when will it be night?”

I said, “Soon…why???”

Her response, “Because TOMMOROW…I start dance!”

It melted my heart……………….


Shainee said...

I cannot wait to see a recital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma said...

I LOVE that both the girls are in dance. Watching them will bring you so much joy. It just warms your heart to see them blossom on the stage. This is so exciting.