Saturday, August 28, 2010


Birth order is a funny thing.

Something WE have no control over.

ABSOLUTELY …no control.

It is like a FUNNY RIDDLE you dont figure out until you are IN IT.

Only God knows why he chose a firstborn to be a firstborn, middle child to be a middle child, or the baby to be the baby.

He always has a MASTER PLAN.

What is the saying,"We make plans and God laughs.”

Lately we have been having LOTS of “Why ME???” discussions.

You know ..the ones where the kids ask questions like:

“But…WHY ME?”

“Why do I always have to help the other kids?”

“Why is it always MEEEEEEEEEE?”

And my answer is ALWAYS the same…”Take it up with GOD.”

But Lately ……

Zeek has been getting REALLy upset because he THINKS he has to do SO MUCH MORE that the other kids.

He DOSEN”T …But thinks he does!

(RIGHT ON SCHEDULE for a 9 year old boy who is the oldest of 4.)


And because he has been getting SOOOOOO EMOTIONAL lately,sometimes I can’t tell if he’s JUST EMOTIONAL or if he really has SOMETHING TO SAY about the situation.

I am starting to realize that he might need more than the , “Take it up with God” approach.

When I see him REALLY struggle with a situation it makes me want to cradle him and snuggle him into “feeling better”, but at the same time I understand that we all are in the EXACT PLACE we are meant to be.

Every situation we are put into…. God KNEW was comming.

Every time we struggle with “our place” in life…there is a lesson to be learned.

Wherever we are …we are MEANT to be.

And as a mother to these sweet babies…I also have to remember that I was GIVEN these children.

I was BLESSED with THIS situation.

I MUST have wisdom to share with these youth.

It must be MY DESTINY to teach these TRUTHS to my children.

It makes me REALIZE that I have been put in MY PLACE.



And still SOMETIMES….”Take it up with GOD”  isn’t enough for me either.

Sometimes it takes me REALLY thinking about it in my mind.

Sometimes …I need to spend a minute in meditation.



THAT is when I figure it out.

I figure out that the wisdom I am trying to teach my children is ALREADY inside me.

The “solutions” that work for the kids also work for me.

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IrieMama said...

Oh, it's like a cliff-hanger ... you say "sometimes I figure it out", but you didn't SHARE what you learned ... lol, DO TELL!!!!!!!