Thursday, August 5, 2010

Twice a child..........

Comming to Texas I had 2 agendas.
One was to see my parents and the other was to see my Grandma.
About a month ago my family decided that for her own safety we would put her in a "nursing facility".
Today I went to see her.
I know it would be hard.
I knew I was NOT PREPERED.
She has Alzheimers disease.
2 years ago I saw her and she was the Grandmother I remember.
Today she was NOT.
We had "the talk" with the kids ahead of time....about the nursing home, the elders, and how to act.
When we got there My mom and I went into the dining room to get her.
She was sooooo excited and happy that we were there.
We spent about 30 min. visiting and just letting her spend time with the kids.
We took pictures, we cried, we talked , and we cried some more.
It was an EYE-OPENING experience.
It made me REALLY think about LIFE and how QUICKLY it passes.
We sometimes make this journey and forget to REALLY ENJOY it.
We blink and YEARS have passed.
We turn around and our kids are half grown.
It made me really LOOK at life.
It made me really understand that life can ZOOM by at lightning speed.
Life can be wonderful and joyous...if we APPRECIATE it.
Life can be SCARY and SAD...if we LET it.
Today made me really appreciate this "sweet spot" in my life.
The place where the kids are young, still at home, and still willing to GIVE kisses to their Mom.
It really made me understand the saying...."Once a man and TWICE a child."
Life is CRAZY LOVELY JOURNEY that GOD writes the story of....
A story that requires we pay attention and apareciate EVERY DAY, EVERY LESSON, EVERY MOMENT!

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