Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The "Finder"......


All of my kids have "quirks".

SOME more than OTHERS.

But our youngest sweet princess...has a GIFT.

She has an AMAZING memory.

I mean like.....PHOTOGENIC MEMORY.

She NEVER forgets.

I can say, "Sheba...have you seen that blue rubber band I had last week???"

Her answer is ALWAYS..."Hold on Mom." Then she runs off and comes back with it.

"Where did you find it, Sheba???"

"Behind the dresser under my dolls clothes."


She is my little finder.


Thank goodness.....because I need it.

The only thing is(and she doesn't KNOW THIS PART yet)...
At THIS rate she will never be able to leave home.

She is stuck here with me ...FOREVER.

I can just see it, "Sheba, have you seen my TEETH?"

"Hold on Mom.....I know JUST where they are."


I can dream right????


Grandma said...

Your right it's your wishful thinking. For some reason they all want to grow up and have lives of their own....sad huh?..LOL

Jess said...

*photoGRAPHIC memory* Though I have seen the pictures and she is QUITE photogenic as well!! :)

Kids have the most amazing way of processing information! It is astounding the bits they hold on to!