Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Up for the challenge?????

All kids are different.

They all learn differently.

Some "just get it" the first time.

Some ...."don't".

Some are SELF-LED.

Some AREN'T.

Some are EAGER to finish their work for the day...

Some...DON'T REALLY CARE about finishing....AT ALL.

Every child is so different and different things motivate them.

I have lerarned to WATCH and LEARN.

To be observant of my childrens different personalities.

Some are easier than OTHERS...believe me.

And what they say about BOYS being SLOWER at BOOKWORK and learning is TRUE.

But I have found that they are only SLOWER in SOME THINGS.

Zeek has had a harder time at reading, but whizzes thru math.

Now Malachi....he is 7 and in 1st grade.


He has a hard time sitting still...well, he has a hard time SITTING at all!!!

He has a hard time keeping his concentration....on ANYTHING.

My daily mantra during school has become..."He is ONLY 7. He is ONLY 7. He is ONLY 7."

But I KNOW that if we LISTENED to "them" and he was in public school....he would be tagged ADHD.

But- In my opinion....most 7 year old boys are "ADHD"...



I have learned a few tricks on this journey that I thought I would share.

First....I give him copywork/spelling words he WANTS to write.


It is funny how the word "them" can be "too long to copy"(insert WHINING).

But, the word "spiderman" gets NO COMPLAINTS!!!!


I have also learned that he likes to be challenged.

Like with a TIMER.

We use a small "hourglass" timer....one that we got at the dentist...so it iis probably a "minuteglass"....and CHALLENGE him.

It is AWESOME how quickly he "gets with the program" when he feels like it is a challenge or race.

He has no PROBLEM finishing any of his work when he feels interested AND challenged.

What a concept???

After getting him to actually DO his work QUICKLY with minimal complaints....I feel like a WARRIOR.

One who just crossed used my JEDI-MIND TRICKS to LURE him into the LEARNING GAME.

and WON!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I have a 7 year old in 1st grade too :) He's in public school. He does very well at school.....however, he has a hard time sitting still and focusing at home. He can hardly even listen. For awhile I was wondering about the ADHD thing but came to the conclusion that he is a 7 year old, active, growing, curious, hyper, excitable and NORMAL 7 year old boy :) I always remember my MIL saying....don't break his spirit! And I try and live by that for both of my kids.