Monday, April 4, 2011

Life experience.....

Life has a funny way of CHANGING YOU.

WHO you THINK you are an WHAT you THINK you want....changes.

When I first met Jay in 1998...I was 21 years old.

I was FAR from WISE, and DID not know WHO I all.

BUT--Lord help the person who tried to TELL ME that!!!!

I had no idea WHO the TRUE me was.

As I look back...I'm not sure you CAN know who you are at that point.

At 21 ...I didn't have enough LIFE experience. ....AT ALL!

Life experience comes only thru TIME spent IN YOUR LIFE.

Saturated by the ups and downs....fully emersed in the everyday.

You gain life experience by making best friends and losing crappy friends...and again- only time can tell you that.

You gain life experience by LOSING someone you LOVE....from DEATH or just from LIFE.

You gain life experience from TRULY LOVING a child.....

I had no idea...and thought I did.

I am not saying that I knew NOTHING...but- I am saying that I did not have enough COLLECTIVE experiences to accurately shape my world.

Up until then I thought that the things I had seen were the WHOLE TOTAL of what life COULD BE.

( I am LITERALLY laughing right now. )

But...I knew 1 thing.
I knew that I was on my way...
I knew that the life and man I had "stumbled" onto was something special.

I KNEW that I was in LOVE with my growing life and knew that GOD had put me exactly where I was suppose to be...
I knew that If I just concentrated on my ROOTS...the fruit would grow.

It has been a LONG ROAD from THERE to HERE....

But yesterday... I sat on a stool in the sunlight, smelling the ocean, watching Jays AMAZING band play some really GREAT music..all while Zeek stood in front of the band PROUDLY waving the Rasta flag. TONS of other kids splashed in the pool and laughter filled the air....


THIS is what was possible.

I finally HAVE IT.

I had no idea....

And wouldn't change the JOURNEY for anything.

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Anonymous said...

only just begun to live......