Friday, April 22, 2011

Truth be told......


THAT WORD can mean sooo many different things.

Some are SUPER structured and go by a STRICT SCHEDULE.

Some UN-School, with NO SCHEDULE- AT ALL.

Some go by different TEACHING "methods" like Charlotte Mason or Motesorri.

I read homeschool blogs, and articles all the time that describe their homeschool METHODS or INTENTIONS.

Some put ALL their faith in a CERTAIN KIND of homeschooling.

Don't get me wrong...INTENTIONS are GREAT.

But, a new homeschool Mom can really do a NUMBER on herself setting up "INTENTIONS", or PLANNING to go with a CERTAIN METHOD....and EXPECTING things to "go as planned".

Because...THE DO NOT.

SOMETIMES...they go SORT-OF like you planned.

Kind of.

But NEVER exactly....

The art of MOLDING these little souls HARDLY lends itself to CONCRETE planning.

Trust me...a day in THIS life RARELY goes as planned...EVER.

Some have such a CANDY-COATED idea of what a homeschooling day looks like.

I know in some of your minds you THINK you KNOW what a "typical" homeschool day LOOKS LIKE.

I'm sure in that COMFORTABLE place in some peoples minds...they see my children all QUIETLY sitting, waiting their turn, being patient, and WANTING to have school and learn.

And is like that.


Then there is the OTHER DAYS.

The ones where they DON't raise their hands, they talk back, they complain, and they are LESS THEN EAGER to learn.

Those are the REAL DAYS....

those are the days when you have to " not to break".

Those are the days when you just GET BY doing what HAS to be done and allowing LIFE to teach them the rest.

I mean really....I have GREAT INTENTIONS.

But the TRUTH is...
Sometimes- there is NOT ENOUGH time in the day.
Sometimes- there is NOT ENOUGH PATIENCE in my body.
Sometimes- there is TOO MUCH to do.
And Sometimes- there are MORE IMPORTANT things than ABC's and 123's.

THAT is the reality of it.
THAT is the TRUTH.

I have learned (after 5 years of homeschooling) that a INTENTIONS are GREAT.

But..I won't beat myself up over the "hard days" because----
at the end of the long as I close my eyes feeling like my kids are a LITTLE more SPIRITUALLY and EMOTIONALLy ready for the world-

I have done my job.

In REALITY- the workbook pages can wait.

We are WRITING our own HISTORY.

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Shainee said...

True that my sister <3 You can get a witness on this one.