Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Slow Burn....

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Here we are again....

A holiday.


For our is a delicate walk.

From where we once were to where we are has been a LONG JOURNEY.

It has taken a good DECADE to become comfortable in WHO WE ARE and WHAT THAT means.

It has been a SLOW BURN of sorts.

A slow DE-PROGRAMMING of American thoughts and traditions that were EMBEDDED in our brains from childhood.

A ritualistic UN-WASHING of our brains.....

A life in the MAKING....

We have made the choice as a family to NOT follow the crowd.


I bet. LOL.

We have chosen to be VERY TRADITIONAL in the holiday department...not traitional in the "AMERICAN traditions" kind of way, more like in the ANCIENT WAY.

We have decided for ourselves to go STRAIGHT to the ROOT.

We have made a choice to forgo all the "flowery and comfortable" parts of holidays and family traditions.

Not because we don't want to be WITH our family or share in family traditions, but because,for us- we want to go --------->


TRUST would be MUCH easier for us to just "go with the flow".
It would be MUCH easier NOT having an awkward moment with the grocery store checkout lady when she asks the kids, "What did the Easter Bunny bring you?"

TRUST ME...those moments take some getting used to.

It is a narrow line we walk.

We want to honor Christ....and remember who he TRULY is.

But we DON'T WANT to surrender ourselves either.

We want to be MINDFUL of the things we teach and tell our kids.

But we DON'T want to ALIENATE ourselves or our family and friends...

So here we sit....walking that line.

Always trying to find our way in THIS world.

Drawing our strength from our ROOTS.

Bending as not to BREAK.

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