Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grace and Growing…..



Life is a journey.

Sometimes it becomes totally evident that WE RE STILL LEARNING.

As parents and as adults…we are still students of LIFE.

Even when our intentions are nothing but GOOD….sometimes we make mistakes.

THAT is exactly what happened the other day when my BFF Shainee wrote a guest post on my blog.  I had been trying to get her to write for me for a while, she is amazingly funny and insightful.

So she did…read it HERE so that you will understand.

I was right,  it was funny and insightful.

A story about a homeschool Moms journey as her son grows up.

We were both so excited and felt pretty good about the whole thing.

Then….I posted it on Facebook….and so did she.

Which meant that her 15 year old son and all HIS FRIENDS saw the blog.

Apparently…..we are idiots and didn’t even THINK about that fact that we were posting his PIN number and a story that HE MAY THINK would be embarrassing.


I got a text that went something like this:

“Change the PIN NUMBER!!!!” LOL

I stood there in shock for the first few minutes…

OMG….we really just did that with no thought to what HE MAY THINK. WOW.

Major FAIL in the parenting department….LOL.

It made me think about how as parents,  sometimes we feel “adjusted” to our kids. Sometimes we feel like we are STEADY with them…we KNOW our relationship.

We feel secure in where we stand and how we feel and how they feel.  We feel SATURATED enough in each others lives that we are “IN TUNE”….

And then something happens that puts things in perspective.

Sometimes things happens that make you realize ….





And we get comfortable.

We get used to our kids the way they are.

We forget that they are ever-changing.

We forget that as they grow…we must adjust and bend.

So….It was a definite life lesson.

It made me grateful that we get-

a “learning-curve”

we get mistakes

and second chances….in life.


from our kids and from GOD.

It made me thankful for GRACE…

and for those who give it.

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