Saturday, December 3, 2011

New IDEAS…and adapting.


Yes…we’re here AGAIN.

I am sure some of you are saying, “Oh, no!!! Here comes the Christmas rant …AGAIN.”

But…I am NOT. GOING. TO. DO. IT.

If you want to know my views on Christmas….You can find them on this blog…check back in the month of December in the past few years.

This year…I am going about this a little differently.

I thought this year that maybe instead of pointing out the “don’ts”, I would point out some “do’s”.

You see THIS year I find myself STRETCHING.

My mind is growing.

JUST In the past couple of years we haven’t TOTALLY shunned Christmas and anything that has to do with it. Our lives have opened up to new ideas. The kids have grown and up and we feel like we can expose them to things that we COULDN’T before.

Learning to walk a new walk…we are trying to focus on what we appreciate about this time of year.




It is actually the SAME things that we appreciate EVERY OTHER time of year….but, we are JUST figuring out how to navigate OUTSIDE of our comfort zone.

We are TRYING to adapt….trying to ADJUST.


Something I wrestle with DAILY.

So THIS year….I thought that maybe I would SHARE some things that HELP make this SEASON “feel right” to me.

THIS month…I am going to try and post about some different things that might do the same for YOU.

The FIRST thing I want to post are some IDEAS.

Some things that you can do that are EASY and CHEAP.

I am working out within myself that “gifts” during this time of year are ok.

STRESSING out and going into debt to BUY gifts…NOT OK.

And if this SEASON is TRULY about JESUS and HONORING him….I think that he would be MAJORLY PISSED at the way this society has been TOTALLY overtaken by consumerism and materialism.


This is my 1st idea:

MAKE everything you can.



White Chocolate Peppermint covered Popcorn????

Yes, Please!!!!!

Let’s fight the MACHINE…as much as possible.

You give but little when you give of your possessions.  It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.  ~Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


Dad said...


turtle said...

for to give, if this is the time you take food and care to folks in the park, amazing grace. For a month of giving as a life of giving keeping it in faith with love. Outreach and reach out so much to give and teach. Heard about peanut island from a friend , its across from palm beach, also be great to take children to sea turtle hospital and maybe sponser a turtle in need , just sayin, take it slow... love yall Turtle

Olivia said...

I've been reading your blog for a bit now, and I am absolutely blown away by what you do, particularly with this post. You do have your views on Christmas, and that is perfectly fine, but I love how truly open you are to new ideas. There are people who say they are open-minded but do not act on it; you are truly one of the most open-minded individuals I have seen.