Sunday, December 11, 2011

Soul Sister Sunday...2

It is our 2nd "Soul Sister Sunday".
My BFF Shainee is writing on Sundays for me...
Can you say AWESOME?????
Here is her 2nd post..

To Have and to Hold By Shainee Ellison

It's funny how the years blaze past our eye's at a speed so fast, I feel I sometimes

need to stop and catch my breath. My very wise Mama always instilled in my brain

that marriage had many periods of growth and change. The years of the children being little would be almost totally about their needs. Then after the children begin to grow, then you will rediscover the joy of why you and the father of your babies fell in love in the first place. She told me that the longer you are together, the more you appreciate each other, act like each other and grow together..

I believed all of that whole heartedly, I really did.I saw that with my own beautiful parents. Still..... in the early years of our boys, that seemed like a far off fantasy world and to be honest it sounded downright awful! Time together for just us without our boys clinging to us? I didn't even really want it to be honest. All I could focus on was raising those precious babies and the thought of them gaining independence from me seemed like a million years away.

Well those "million years" rolled by sooner than I could have imagined, and I do mean in the blink of an eye, our little boys were older boys. A lot of the time, they now don't want to run errands with us. I mean being drug around with the folks, how lame? They have lives, friends, and much more interesting plans than to go thrift shopping and lunch with the "rents". So here it was, what my Mama had prepped me for. The time when it was back to us. For years the idea of the boys being more independent of us TERRIFIED me. I was a mama and that was all I had really known for so many years. Even though I was still VERY needed, it was a different type of needed. Still I had two choices, lay down and cry about life's changes and try not to stalk other people's little children, ( LOL!) or try to enjoy this new found freedom. I chose door #2.

I can say in all honesty, the time spent alone rediscovering my husband has been down right wonderful and I am enjoying the heck our "dates". I am relearning how funny, handsome, and down right adorable this man is. I am realizing, that the boy I met 21 years ago and that I feel head over heels in love with is still here and that he never left, he just put on the Daddy, provider hat and rolled with it. I guess in retrospect, the girl he feel in love with never left either. She just put on the Mommy hat and buckled down and raised his babies. As minutes turn into hours, hours to days, and days to years, I look forward to the adventures we will have, memories that will be made, milestones that we will watch our sons cross into manhood and hopefully, prayfully grow up to be a lot like the man I have had the pleasure to share this crazy adventure called marriage with.

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The Journey Back said...

Okay, now I'm crying a river! Remember,
"Even though we aint got money, I'm so in love with you honey." -'Danny's Song'. Both of our weddings 'bride and Groom dance song' That song still gives me goose bumps. And now my little one is all grown up and sharing her own wisdom with others. Again, so proud!