Sunday, June 14, 2009


This a post from a while ago.....I LOVE it though.

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Ezekiel is an amazing child...

He is just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside.

Tonight we were watching "Planet Earth" and all the sudden he turned to me and said ,
"Mom, I think when I get older I want to make things and have a store and when people can afford them they can buy them..and when they CAN'T...I'll just GIVE it to them."

I said, "Thats great ..You know that God appreciates those things when they come from your heart. What are you going to invent???"

Zeek said, " I have already thought of it. I am going to make a bus, but longer and fatter, so that families with lots of kids can use it."

At this point..I am TOTALLY FALLING in LOVE with this child who is growing up actually in front of me as we spoke.

He then follows me around the house and tells me all kinds of details about OTHER inventions he has ALREADY thought of!!!

Like...headphones that are somehow connected to a TV that shows your thoughts??????
(PLEASE God....Do NOT grant him the wisdom to make THIS....LOL)Sometimes I would be in trouble....

AMAZING....His Brain is EXPANDING as we speak!!!

Then- as usual I try and "sneak" in a lesson or activity...

I said, "Why don't we get you a poster and we'll write "ZEEKS INVENTIONS" on it and over time you can draw all the inventions you think of???"

I, of course, thought this was BRILLIANT and SNEAKY...

His response..."Uh...No, Maybe when I'm older."

Then he kept talking as if I had said NOTHING.

He saw thru my plan...He KNEW he would have to pick up a PENCIL!!!

What an AMAZING child that, GOD-WILLING, I am SURE will grow up to be an AMAZING MAN...

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