Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Water "Birds".....


We are sooo blessed to live in such an AMAZING place!!!

Tonight...after Jay got home from work- we headed down to the beach.

We met his twin brother and his family down there.

It was soooooo beautiful...the water was CRYSTAL CLEAR!

A strange OCEAN GREEN clear I could see my chipped toenail polish!

When we got there we couldn't help it....We all dove right in.

Jeff, Amy, Sebastian, Anastasia, Lonnie, Jay, Me, Zeek, Shasha, Malachi AND Sheba!!!

We swam for a while...then Sheba wanted to surf.

That girl will probably be our PRO surfer...she LOVES it!!!

Anyway....WE were all swimming and as I looked out about 40 feet in front of us I saw SOMETHING!

At first I thought it was sea foam...because it looked kinda CREAM COLORED.

Then Amy said to me...."Look at all those Stingrays!"

And THEN I could tell what it was....There were 100's of stingrays "surfing" in the waves.

They were sooo beautiful.

It was an amazing moment...all the kids were amazed.

Over and over again they would swim past in BIG groups, just flapping their "wings".

They look like a strange water bird...without a care in the world.

What a day....What a LIFE!!!

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Suzette said...

Oh, how I would have loved to see those stingrays!