Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Oh CRAP!!!!"

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As you all know...we are animal lovers.

We LOVE them all....

Last November while Jay was out taking Shasha to get her bday present..they found a turtle.

Well...they "rescued" the turtle...SORT OF.

They brought the turtle home and Jay being the SUPERDAD that he is IMMEDIATELY built "Leo"(short for Leonardo-as in NINJA TURTLE) a "habitat".

And this was no small "habitat"....he had the DELUXE 3'x6' model!

The kids loved it!!!


Our dog Maya started "LOVING" the turtle too much.


Maya thought he was a TOY....SORT OF.

All she wanted to do was play...well MAYBE not.

She would JUMP IN the "habitat" an totally harass the turtle.

Several times we had to "rescue" the poor turtle from the JAWS OF MAYA!

The turtle we "rescued" now had teeth marks all over him from being "played with" by Maya!!!

Soooo Sad....poor little guy was just trying to cross the street..then he went and got himself "relocated".

Anyway...somehow(Sheba) the turtle escaped.
(Sheba has a "habit" of returning wildlife to the WILD! LOL)

That was in December! Secretly I was soooo happy for the poor creature.

Well.....Yesterday there was knock at the door.

Knock, knock, knock.

It was our neighbor..."There is a turtle at the end of the street. I am afraid he might get hit by a car!"

Immediately my "animal rescuer" instincts kick in....

We RACE own the street all the while telling my neighbor.."This will be great. We HAD a turtle about 6 months ago and he escaped. So we already have a "habitat" ready and everything!"

We get to the end of the street an there was "Leo"...scratches and all.

I can imagine that all he thought was, "Oh, CRAP!!!! Its THOSE people again!"

In AMAZEMENT I pick him up an bring him back "home".

You can imagine how EXCITED the kids are that the turtle has "returned" to us! LOL

So we bring him "home" to his "family".

Almost immediately ..Maya was "playing" with him...AGAIN!

So last night we told the kids that we were going to RELEASE him back into the "wild".

As you can imagine ..THAT didn't go over to well.

But after explaining our "tag and release" program(a VERY high tech procedure of using fingernail polish to paint on the turtle shell)...They AGREED!!!

Just another day in the life of the Rastafam!!!!!

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Shainee said...

That is a great story. You paint a vivid picture. Hilarious! I love the nail polish part. Genius Mama!