Friday, June 12, 2009

"Fabulous Book" Friday....


Its Friday again....Time for "Fabulous Book" Friday!!!

"Homeschooling at the speed of Life" is a great book...It helped me get thru the 1st year of homeschooling.

There were times that I doubted that I COULD homeschool these 4 monkeys!!!! LOL

And THIS BOOK helped me thru those times.
It helped me KNOW that I COULD do it.
I had ALL homeschool moms do!!!

We are CONDITIONED to BELIEVE that Public school is the ONLY way.
I went to a GREAT SCHOOL in of the BEST.
We were ALWAYS very involved in school...My Dad was the PRESIDENT of the SCHOOL BOARD...AND great at it!!!(Love you Daddy -XOXO)
I had a GREAT time in school.
ALTHOUGH...I think that FOR ME- NOW is a different TIME.

I have made a choice to homeschool for MANY reasons.
But I have had to WILLFULLY TRY and UN-condition myself from the way society says is the ONLY way.

And I think MOST people can agree that there are MORE THAN 1 WAY!!!!

I Love all my friends who chose public school...I respect THEIR decisions..
I have been to their SCHOOL FUNCTIONS and had a GREAT time!!!!
I LOVE that they have THOUGHT about what is best for THEIR families...And Public school is it!

I think that this book would be a "FABULOUS" book for ANY Mom....Homeschooling or NOT!!!
Happy Reading!!!

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