Friday, June 19, 2009

Tonight I found myself....

Praying Hands

Tonight I found myself on my knees,
pleading with God,
in a fog of fear,
gasping for air.

1000 miles from where my heart was.
1 mile from one of my worst fears.

Alone with my mind....all I could do was PRAY.

Asking God to make a way....

Our lives have just soon for such a STUN.

Life is to short for fear of LIFE.

Life is to short to fuss and cause STRIFE.

Tonight I found myself in the MIDST OF MY FAITH.


Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, that was so sweet. And God heard your prayers and everyone elses's prayers for you Dad. If there's a lesson to be learn from this all, is to bring loved ones closer and more appreciative of each other.

Shainee said...

Sweet sister. Faith moves mountains. Love you!

Anonymous said...

All the prayers were answered. He's doing well.
What you wrote was beautiful.
Love Mema