Friday, June 12, 2009

Our "Baby"....Not any more! (Sniff)


Sheba Ithiopia Vallone.....A ROYAL name for a ROYAL girl.

Sheba has sucha sweet soul...She is a caretaker at heart.

She is very observative and ALWAYS knows JUST what someone needs.

She sits with Jay at night and rubs his head and says, " I Love you Daddy", and is ALWAYS first to get him ANYTHING he needs.

She has been growing up in front of our eyes lately...
It is HARD for me to believe that she is almost 4 years old!!!!
Our BABY????? Almost 4????
Couldnt be....
Shoulnt be....
Where did the time go????


Shainee said...

She's a big girl now Mama. Sweet stuff. Love to you all. Bless!

MOM said...

I've told you - enjoy your time now because it will seem as though you blink your eyes and they are 30 and 32!!!!! Where did the time go.
Love you sweetheart. You are a very good mommy!!!!!
Your Mom

Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel. My baby is 48. OUCH!!!!!.Love you all. Mema

Anonymous said...

oh she is just a lil snuggle

just want to give her a squeeze

love the time we made grape juice

blessed lil love