Sunday, May 9, 2010

HOLY Homebirth!!!!!!!!!!

It started at about 9:30 AM.

I got a text…THE TEXT we had been waiting for.

You see…..Our “brother from another mother” Josiah and his LOVELY wife Sunshyne were awaiting thier first child…Baby Reef.

As I said…we ALL had been waiting.

“Don’t drop everything NOW, but I have been having contractions. Maybe today is the day.”…THAT was the text I got while giving a spelling test Friday morning.

So…of course, I immediately called her.

She sounded fine…she was contracting…but not TOO BAD at that moment.

I called Jay and told him that MAYBE today was the day-thinking that after work he could come home and I could go over there.

This was her FIRST BABY….It would take a while.

BUT- then I called Josiah.

He sounded a little MORE concerned.

I said, “ she in hard labor, like I need to come NOW or do you want me to wait a while?”

He said “I need you here NOW!”

I could hear the URGENCY in his voice.

I called Sarah and asked her to meet me there to get the kids while Jay finished up at work.

Meanwhile I THREW some stuff in a bag…thinking I would be there a while.

I got in the car ASAP..well as ASAP as you can with 4 kids!!!

BUT…On the way there I got ANOTHER phone call.

This one was MORE URGENT!!!!

At this point I was praying that Karen(our midwife) would get there before this baby was born.

It was 11:19 when I got to the Hassel house.

THANKFULLY, Karen pulled up at the same time as I did!!!!!!

PRAISE GOD!(I did not want to deliver that baby via phonecall from the midwife.)

We both rushed in and the next thing I knew I heard Karen say that we were “about to have this baby”.



Yep….Ill spare you the details except to say that everyone fell right into their place and did exactly what needed to be done for Sunshyne to have a BEAUTIFUL homebirth.

Josiah did AWESOME.

Sunshyne’s best friend did awesome.

Her MOM did awesome.

And Karen did awesome(as always!!!!)

But above all…Sunshyne did AWESOME.

Baby Reef was born at 12:19pm, after a 5 HOUR LABOR!!!!

It was an HONOR to be there to see him enter this world.


Baby REEF 023 Baby REEF 075  Baby REEF 024 Baby REEF 025 Baby REEF 028 Baby REEF 030 Baby REEF 031 Baby REEF 032 Baby REEF 033 Baby REEF 036 Baby REEF 037 Baby REEF 039  Baby REEF 046 Baby REEF 052 Baby REEF 053 Baby REEF 055 Baby REEF 057 Baby REEF 058 Baby REEF 066 Baby REEF 068 Baby REEF 070 Baby REEF 072

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED the pictures and their joy was evident! Baby Reef is soooooo precious and alert and the pictures of his little feet brought tears to my eyes :)! Jana, I am so glad you were there for the birth! It was an honor to be at your children's births....ANY precious angel entering this world and the wonder and love! well, it is indescribable! Sunshyne really got a lucky break with her short labor on #1.....I remember how long you were in labor with Zeek~! Sunshyne's second baby will just "pop out" before they know it~ Bless you ALL...Love, Mimi Linda (Jay's Mom) there are sooo many Mimi's in this circle!
A wonderful Mother's Day present!