Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mini Zeek….x3

I guess It happens in every house full of kids.

We had them pretty close together…9,7,6,4.

Stair steps.

They are sooo close in age that they CLOSE to each other…

MOST of the time.

I mean …don’t get me wrong…they DO argue and fight.


They also IDOLIZE the children that are older than them.


The other day they were REALLY QUIET for about 20 min.



And…ALTHOUGH we were worried, Jay and I decided to TALK instead of GO FIND THEM.

Lucky for US…THIS is ALL   they were up to……….

homeschool 033

homeschool 034

They were dressing up as EZEKIEL!!!!

All of them.

In his clothes.

His hats.

His pants.


Its a good thing he is a GREAT  EXAMPLE for them to follow.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Sweet, sweet kids that LOVE their big brother.

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Judy Powell said...

Mine were five, four, three and one respectively ... back then... three in diapers at one time ... surely can't remember how I did that (no disposables and no dryer)... they were best friends... No regrets here... except maybe that they grew up way to fast ... perhaps thats why your blog is so attractive to me... it reminds me of those days... thanks for the memories
Judy Powell