Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spreading her wings……

(scroll down and turn off the music player, THEN…WATCH THIS!)

I remember a time when this little girl would GROWL when she met someone new.

I remember a time when this little girl wouldn’t say A WORD!

I remember a time when this little girl was so SHY we werent sure WHEN or IF she would come out of her shell!


As you can see-She has BLOSSOMED!!!!

In the last six months she has come into her own.

She dances freely..most of the time.

She sings to people…..most of the time.

She even says hello and talks to people ….most of the time.

I have to say that I JUST LOVE the person she is becoming…

Guarded but loving.

Shy but not timid.

A sweet spirit has just started to SEEP from her.

We were at the store the other day and a older woman was in line behind us.

Shasha was standing closest to her and the woman sweetly said hello.

I was totally prepared to say, “Shasha say HELLO.” and then for her to just look at me and then for me to have to say, “She is just really shy.”


to my amazement….

Shasha, ON HER OWN, said “Hello” and gave a little wave.




I called her to me and told her how SWEET that was and that I was proud of her.

I LOVE being able to spend EVERYDAY MOMENTS with my children.

I love being able to SEE them grow.

I LOVE being able to witness their personalities SEEP from their little bodies.

What a blessing…

Like that MAGICAL moment when a butterfly breaks from the cocoon and takes off in flight.

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StrummerMommy said...

She is adorable! What beautiful children you have, and they always look so happy.
My son is SO shy, no one can even LOOK at him! It is nice to know that even shy kids come out of their shells.

One Love!