Thursday, May 27, 2010

SUMMER is HERE!!!!!!!!!!

How does a year of homeschooling  pass so “quickly”????

I think its like childbirth…

It is INCREDIBLY hard when your IN IT…

But as soon as its over …you think, “That was a piece of cake!!”

THANK GOODNESS because there are times in the year when I cant believe that I am responsible for my children's education.

I cant believe that I am the one that GETS to decide WHAT these children learn.


THOSE are the “Bad” days.


There are times when I KNOW that I am FULLY CAPABLE to teach these children ANYTHING they need to know.

I know that I am FAITHFUL, LOVING, and NOT-LAZY.

I am soooo GRATEFUL to have gotten to a place in my life that I KNOW I am WORTHY of this “position”.

I know that I am “ordained” by God to do this.

He called…I listened.

I am thankful for a VERY BLESSED school year.

homeschool 018


Zeek has made MAJOR improvements in his reading.

He STILL doesn't LIKE IT…but neither does his DAD. (lol)

He is defiantly gifted in other areas.

This year he TESTED OUT of alot of his math reviews and tests.

He did great in Science and EXCELLED in ART.

And he was STOKED to know that he is MOVING ON UP to 4th GRADE!!!!



What can I say????

Shasha was “Officially” in 1st grade this year ….as far as paperwork is concerned.

BUT-pretty soon into the year I figured out that she was WAY ABOVE 1st grade level in MOST of her subjects.

She did a whole 2nd grade curriculum this year.


She reads on a 5th grade level and LOVES it!!!!

(Which WARMS my heart)

She is the girl that you actually find READING A BOOK…on her OWN!!!!!

She doesn't LOVE math but if you make it interesting enough for her she GETS THRU IT. LOL

She also loved having a pen pal this year.(Love you Hailey-bug)

Football 2010 006


Malachi did great this year also.

He was “officially” in Kindergarten, but I also realized with him early on that the Kinder work was WAY too easy.

So we moved on up to the 1st grade LA curriculum and he FINISHED it this year.

He loves math and loves to read also…

He loved learning about dinosaurs and loved science.

homeschool 007


Sheba finished pre-k this year.

She did great and learned ALL the alphabet AND the sounds.

She did LOTS of math with manipulatives, and played LOTS of games and puzzles.

AND…she THINKS she can read…so she tries!!!!

NAd before you know it ….


At the end of the school year…


Bring on the sun, beach, pools, family game nights, tans, sunscreen, staying up late, and sleeping in(as much as you can with 4 youth!!!)


I am READY!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT feeling you all must have! Love the post! ALWAYS love the music!!! Love Y'all!

Shainee said...

Proud of you sister<3