Sunday, May 16, 2010

No more chicken…to EAT.


Throughout our lives, we have eaten ALL DIFFERNT WAYS.

Sometimes MORE strict..

Sometimes LESS strict…

From Vegan to Vegetarian to eating chicken.

Back and forth between .

(We DO NOT eat red meat or pork…due to our FAITH.)

When Zeek was little we were vegetarians.

Than we moved to Costa Rica and after about 5 months there,we decided we were going to eat more chicken.

It was one of the cheapest things to eat there.

And we pretty much HAD to eat what was CHEAP.

But-we never could get Zeek to eat chicken.

He just said he didn’t like it.

And we didn't force him.

But- about a year ago he started eating chicken.

And he liked it…pretty much.

He was still pretty PICKY about HOW it was cooked, but he would eat it…for the most part.

Then the other day during lunch I asked him if he wanted chicken.

“No maam” he said.

I said, “Why not?”

And then he looked at me with the sweetest TEARY EYES and said, “Mom, now that we HAVE CHICKENS, I don’t think I can EAT CHICKEN.”

He was almost CRYING.

It was such a sweet moment.

A true glimpse into his soul.

A layer of WHO HE IS.

Another piece to the BEAUTIFUL PUZZLE that is coming together in front of my eyes.

I looked at him and said, “Well, I guess that makes you a vegetarian!”

And he said, “I guess so.”

It was a proud moment for me.

He was ASSERTING himself and HIS BELIEFS.


I then looked at the other kids and said , “Has anyone else decided to be a vegetarian?”

To this Shasha said…”I’ll take HIS!”



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Anonymous said...

awwww...sweet boy! Love that story Jana!